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Dress the way you feel it's important.

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We Love to do cosplay and watch movies, anime and cartoons Besides that Alice is an aspiring actress and Jakob is going to be working in game design. We're currently living in Germany with our little cat who we really love! Hopefully we'll be able to get some more cats in the near future! =^-^=

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I love acting and hope to be a big actress oneday. SPend most of my Free time trying new makeup looks and watching my favorite shows (Adventure Time, American Horror Story, Dragon ball Z, and Orange is the New Black). My Favorite things to do are go to Deathcore shows, pet animals, and go to the beach!

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My name is Wendy, from South Africa and I love photography, art, fashion, reading and animals!

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Queen Arawelo ruled what is now known as modern day Somalia, around 15 AD. Eldest born to a King who only had female daughters, she naturally succeeded him as heir.

Being a female queen was a rarity in those days. But she set out to prove that women could do a great job of ruling a kingdom just as well as men. In a time where Kings were making rash decisions to initiate wars, Queen Arawelo was nurturing her women to become strong and independent.