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We're constantly looking for new promoters who believe in our brand and want to help promote us across social media.
You can promote however you'd like, whether it be through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Pintrest or whatever else you can think of. Bless you <3



* You must have at least 5,000 followers, subscribers, etc on some type of social media platform.
* You must be active on these platforms
* You must have a relatively active audience
* Your account must be public


If you're accepted, you'll be given a special Coupon Code unique to you for you to share with your friends and followers. Every time we get 5 sales associated with your Coupon Code, we'll let you pick an Item from our store to review and keep.

You're allowed to promote in pretty much any way you'd like. You can share your Coupon Code with your followers, friends, family members, etc. You may also post them on websites throughout the internet too.

(Rules for promoters with massive followings (50,000+ work a little different. Just apply and we'll talk about what we can do)

So if this interest you just apply below so we can get started!

Send an email to with the subject PROMTER4U